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Build Stronger Teeth

Everyone knows the basics of good dental care. Brush your teeth after every meal, floss every day, see your dentist at least twice a year. It sounds simple. But what if you still don’t have strong, healthy teeth? Weak enamel can be a genetic weakness, or it can be caused by other conditions, like Celiac disease. I’ve always had weak enamel, so I started looking into ways that I could increase the strength of my teeth, and found that dietary changes could make a big difference. I started this blog to share my experience, and to talk about other ways you can make your teeth stronger and healthier. There are lots of things that you can do to improve your dental health. You just have to find them.

4 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth is not only important for achieving a beautiful, white smile, but it is also important for your overall health. If your teeth and gums are not properly taken care of, there is a chance that you could end up having poor overall health. For example, oral cancer can spread and become fatal, gum disease can lead to heart attacks and more. Here are four things you probably didn't know about your teeth that you actually should:

1. Sour is as Bad as Sweets: We all know that sugar is bad for your teeth since eats away at the teeth causing things such as cavities. However, there is another thing that is just as bad as sugar, which is sour candies and fruit juices. These things are acidic and they soften the teeth, which leads to your teeth becoming smaller in size and in turn become less strong. You should try and reverse the effects of acidic foods by brushing your teeth with baking soda after consuming them. 

2. Enamel Breaks Easily: You have probably heard that the strongest part of your body is your tooth enamel. However, you also need to know that enamel breaks easily despite is being as strong as it is. Things such as popcorn kernels and ice can break tooth enamel. These things are especially bad if you have had fillings since fillings make enamel weaker. 

3. Missing Teeth Happens at Any Age: Many people believe that they don't have to worry too much about caring for their teeth when they are young since you only begin to lose teeth once you are older. However, this is not the case. Missing teeth can be inherited meaning that you are born without certain adult teeth in your mouth.

The most common problem though is gum disease, which causes teeth to easily fall out and can happen at any age. Gum disease happens when children and adults do not care for their teeth in the way that they should. Not flossing, eating lots of sugar and acidic foods, and skipping out on brushing all leads to gum disease. 

4. Fluoride can be Bad: Fluoride, the stuff found in your toothpaste can actually be bad for your teeth if they are exposed to too much of it. A condition develops that causes brown spots to become visible on the teeth that cannot simply be polished away since they remain underneath the surface of the teeth.

This is usually a problem for children who tend to swallow toothpaste, which leads to their bodies becoming exposed to too much fluoride, so be sure that you are watching your children when they are brushing.

By knowing these four things about your teeth, you can better take care of your oral health. For more tips, consult with clinics such as Panther Hollow Dental Lodge.