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Everyone knows the basics of good dental care. Brush your teeth after every meal, floss every day, see your dentist at least twice a year. It sounds simple. But what if you still don’t have strong, healthy teeth? Weak enamel can be a genetic weakness, or it can be caused by other conditions, like Celiac disease. I’ve always had weak enamel, so I started looking into ways that I could increase the strength of my teeth, and found that dietary changes could make a big difference. I started this blog to share my experience, and to talk about other ways you can make your teeth stronger and healthier. There are lots of things that you can do to improve your dental health. You just have to find them.

3 Tips For Preventing Your Arch Wires From Irritating Your Cheeks

Archwires are one of the many components that are installed in your mouth when you get braces. They are used to connect the brackets that are glued to the front of your teeth. The archwires control the movement of your mouth and teeth. When your teeth begin to move and fall into alignment the ends of the archwires will begin to poke out from the sides of your teeth. The more your teeth move, the more the wires will stick out. Eventually, the ends of the wires will begin to rub against the sides of your mouth and the insides of your cheek. This can become uncomfortable and can quickly lead to soreness. As a result, there are a few tips you can use to prevent the wire from irritating you.

Apply Wax to the Ends of the Wires

If your archwire does not protrude too far out, then you can apply a small dab of wax to the ends of the wire. The wax will act as a buffer between your cheeks and your archwires. Therefore, each time that your wire comes into contact with your skin you will only feel the wax. The wax will not last forever, therefore you will need to replace it once the wire begins to poke through the wax.

Cut the Ends of the Wires

If your arch wires are too long, then wax may not be as easy to apply. Instead, you can cut the ends of the wires using nail clippers. Once you cut the arch wires it is important to shave the ends down using a nail file. This will help to create a smooth surface and will prevent food from getting stuck on the rough ends of the arch wire.

Apply Cotton to the End of the Wire

You can take a small piece of a wet cotton ball and apply it to the ends of your wires. The cotton will shield your mouth from the wire. The cotton will not hold up for long, therefore, it should only be used until you are able to cut the wire yourself.

You need to keep an eye on your arch wires once your teeth begin to move. Wires that are allowed to get too long will lead to bruises and soreness in your inner cheek. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your wires do not harm your cheeks. Talk to your family dentist if you have more questions.