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Build Stronger Teeth

Everyone knows the basics of good dental care. Brush your teeth after every meal, floss every day, see your dentist at least twice a year. It sounds simple. But what if you still don’t have strong, healthy teeth? Weak enamel can be a genetic weakness, or it can be caused by other conditions, like Celiac disease. I’ve always had weak enamel, so I started looking into ways that I could increase the strength of my teeth, and found that dietary changes could make a big difference. I started this blog to share my experience, and to talk about other ways you can make your teeth stronger and healthier. There are lots of things that you can do to improve your dental health. You just have to find them.

Prepare For Dental Surgery With These Tips

When it comes to replacing teeth, there's more than one solution out there. One of the most popular solutions is a dental implant. Dental implants offer a permanent solution for missing teeth. The process of getting your implants installed is a thorough one and you're probably wondering what you can do to prepare for your dental implant surgery. Here is what you should know. 

Make Soft Meals

Preparing soft meals ahead of time is one of the best strategies you can have before your surgery. Make soft meals and freeze them if you have to. Your gums are going to be very tender and sore for a few days. This is why you will need to make sure that you have soft foods prepared ahead of time. Make sure that you have several juices also prepared so that you can have these as part of your nutrition during your recovery.

Take Your Medications

Your dentist is going to prescribe antibiotics so make sure that you take them as prescribed. These antibiotics are given to you to strengthen your immune system. When you put in implants your body may recognize them as foreign objects and begin to reject them. This is why your dentist will give you antibiotics ahead of time to reduce the chance of this happening.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

You must keep your mouth as clean as possible when you are going for surgery. Removing as many bacteria as possible is a necessity. This means that you should brush, floss, and use mouthwash ahead of your appointment. Try to be as comfortable as you can on that day. Wear loose clothing so that you can be as comfy as possible in the chair.

Take Time to Recover

After the surgery, you're going to need someone to take you home. In most cases, you will not be able to drive immediately after your surgery, so you may need a trusted friend or loved one to get you home.

Take some time off from work to heal. You will need a few days at most until the swelling and pain subside. You must take the time to recover as much as you can for your dental implant surgery. 

Being prepared will help you to heal more quickly from the surgery. Always make sure that you are comfortable during the recovery process as this is crucial to your recovery. Report anything unusual about your recovery to your dentist, this way you will ensure that things go smoothly.

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