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Build Stronger Teeth

Everyone knows the basics of good dental care. Brush your teeth after every meal, floss every day, see your dentist at least twice a year. It sounds simple. But what if you still don’t have strong, healthy teeth? Weak enamel can be a genetic weakness, or it can be caused by other conditions, like Celiac disease. I’ve always had weak enamel, so I started looking into ways that I could increase the strength of my teeth, and found that dietary changes could make a big difference. I started this blog to share my experience, and to talk about other ways you can make your teeth stronger and healthier. There are lots of things that you can do to improve your dental health. You just have to find them.

Bridges, Dentures, or Implants: Which is Best for You?

At some point in your life you may have to deal with missing teeth due to disease or injury. In the past, people in this predicament had the option of getting dental bridges or wearing dentures. Today, dental implants are a more permanent solution that can be utilized. According to the The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), dental implant procedures have a 95% success rate. This is exciting news, but implants may not be a good option for everyone.

Dental Bridges

This option for replacing missing teeth can be considered a semi-permanent option. The bridges are anchored onto healthy teeth, and are intended to stay in place for a long period of time. It is possible for them to become dislodged or break. 

Bridges affect surrounding teeth because they place strain on them. Decay may also develop around dental bridges.  Practicing good oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing can help minimize decay and gum issues. This option may be covered by insurance.


This option has to be removed and cleaned as part of daily care. Adhesives are used to keep dentures in place. They can last for a long time, but at some point dentures will need to be replaced. They are also fragile. 

Initially, some people find it uncomfortable to wear dentures. This can lead to them not wearing them, which could ultimately result in a sunken face appearance and diminished bone tissue in the face. This option has been around for many years, which is evidence that people can lead productive lives when they wear dentures. Dentures are generally covered by dental insurance because they are viewed as a non-cosmetic option. 

Dental Implants

Roughly 3 million people get dental implants each year. Some of these people may only need to replace one tooth, but there are others who use the procedure to replace several teeth.

Adequate bone tissue is important for anyone who wants dental implants. This is because the implants are inserted into the bone tissue. When healing occurs, the bone tissue grows around the implant. It may be possible for some people to regenerate bone tissue under the direction of their dentists. 

Some people are not good candidate for health reasons. For example, some diabetics have trouble with their skin healing. People who do not have their diabetes under control may not be recommended for dental implants. Those with compromised immune systems and blood clotting disorders may also be advised to choose bridges or dentures. This is because of possible infection risks and loss of too much blood.

Dental implants are regarded as a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Some dental insurance policies do not cover them.